Here we go again. Again, again.

I thought about starting a blog today, and was shocked to see that I already had an account. Then I laughed, because me being shocked by that is really funny but not at all shocking, I always think I should have a blog.

I almost deleted that first post from over a year ago, but decided to keep it. I may just die of laughter if I come back here a year from now and see both of these posts!


So why did I decide today that I want to start a blog? I’m bored. My husband and I are apart for the next month due to him receiving a promotion, and I’m staying behind to pack and train my replacement before moving down in a month.

I’m done packing, and now I’m bored. That man is hysterical, and brings so much joy to my life that it’s so hard to be away from him. But we’re strong, and a few months from now we’ll look back and have an awesome story to tell about that time we lived apart for a month.

Ah jeez. Here I go again, acting like what I have to say will be funny, important or entertaing in any way. Ok, it will be. At least to me. I often describe myself as the second funniest person I know.

Second only to my husband, who makes me giggle about thirty thousand times a day.

But since I don’t see him writing here, I will claim the nĂºmero UNO placeo, gracias.

So aside from that, I’m best described as a silly girl who blushes easily, giggles loudly, loves just about every person I meet as soon as I talk to them. Perfect is my default adjective, but I constantly say the following: aww, yay, awesome, for sure, sweet. I’m sure there are more, but my brain is currently half off, so we’ll figure them out together at a later date!

My reasoning for this blog? I don’t want to drive my husband or friends off the wall with my insanity, so this might be a nice place to share it, or at thevery least get it out of my (self-described pretty, happy, funny) little head!