37 Before 37

I turn 37 in November 2018.  Join me as I try to make 36 my most awesome year yet.

 Items Remaining:   35.5

I originally posted a list called “35 Before 35” back in 2015.  I had just turned 34, and was living a life that felt super inauthentic.  Since then, I’ve made a lot of changes.  I incorporated a lot of the things on that original list, so I’ve decided it’s high time to do it again.  I’m older, wiser and a hell of a lot braver than 34 year old me ever was, so let’s do this!

The Daily and Weekly Stuff**:

1.   Make bed every day

 I’m starting out slow on purpose here, no judging, ok?

2.   Meditate daily

3.   Drink tea every day

4.   Wake up at 6:30 am

5.  Daily morning mini-trampoline session

6.  Keep a gratitude journal

7.  Stretch daily

8.  Come up with a mantra.

            Repeat it 100x a day. Someone smart said that, I think.  Probably. 

9. Drink lemon water in the morning.

 Why? I dunno, but Shawn Stevenson said it in a masterclass on water, so,             good enough for me.

10. Remember to remove makeup, and start a skincare routine.

11. Blog twice a week

**In order to count, these have to last a few weeks.  I’m trying to form habits, here!

Try This For A Week:

12.  Go a full seven days without complaining.

13.   Say yes to everything that won’t literally kill you. Think about it if it might.

14.  Keep the car clean. (This is maybe the hardest thing on this list!)

This Might Take A While:

15.  Switch bedrooms with the kids, and redecorate however we want to do it

16.  Set up a planner and an organizational command center

17.  Find and perfect a signature dish

18.  Start an emergency fund

19.  Make a vision board and hang that bad boy up!

20.  Finish 20 books this year

21.  “Wreath a month” challenge. If it doesn’t exist, start it!

22.  Start a side hustle or a way to make money

23.  Make money from writing

            To be fair, that’s maybe the same as above, but 37 IS a huge number, so                so maybe we can just agree to let this one slide?

24.  Run a 5k. Like with actual people, virtual runs don’t count any more.

25.   Buy, start and finish GMB Fitness Elements because it seems like the most fun ever

26.  Find something I’m super passionate about

(Isn’t that the whole point of this entire list?)

Skills To (Not) Pay The Bills:

27.  Learn to juggle

       One down, 36 more to go!

28.  Learn to hula hoop

29.  Learn to do a handstand

30.  Learn a bad ass magic trick

And Just For Fun (because if it’s not fun then what’s the use?):

31.  Zip line

32.  Hike to a waterfall

33.  Ride a roller coaster (It’s been years!)

34.  Go tubing or heck, even stand up paddle boarding. Something weird in the water I’ve never done before

35.  Go to a dinner and a movie by myself

36.  Attend a random meet up without knowing anyone

37.   Get a tattoo and dye my hair a random color.

      Listen, I’m getting older every day here!

      I got a tattoo! Say what now?

And Bonus: Get a massage, because I’m going to be busy as heck!





Let’s do this, 36.  You and I are going to make this year our itchbay, for real!

What things would be on your list?  Please do the work for me share so maybe I can steal an awesome idea or two!