About Michelle

I’m a thirty-something closer to forty-something year old mom of two  (Please don’t make me do the math to find my actual age.)

I believe in:  random acts of kindness, frequent dance parties, long hugs, making up silly songs, taking more photos than necessary, walking in the sunshine, jumping in mud puddles, eating eggs on the daily, letting people know how I feel about them even when it makes them uncomfortable, laughing loudly and often, being bare foot as much as possible and that happiness is always, always a choice.

My kids are my life.  I’m sort of totally obsessed with them.    My real life job title is  “Fun Maker” which pretty much means I plan events, activities and theme weekends for kids and their families, and then I get to hang out with them and act like a kid myself.  (Yes, that is my actual job title, and yes, I did get to make it up!)

I have a weird love of magic, and my childhood dreams were to live in NYC (check!) become a writer and to join the circus.  I’m attempting to learn to juggle, so there’s hope for me  yet.

I’m annoyingly happy. My favorite word in the world is SERENDIPITY, you might hear me say it a time or two or sixty three if you stick around.  I use words like totally, for sure, and awesome way too often for a woman my age…

…whatever that is again.

And now you know as much about me as I know about myself

I’d love to hear more about you!  Please leave a comment introducing yourself and let me know how I can help you!  Is there something you’d like to see more of on the blog?  Do you want to share your favorite recipe so I can test it?   Do you just have a funny story you need to tell someone?  Whatever it is, I want to hear it!  

You can totally be my FCBFF!  You know, Favorite Comment-er Best Friend Forever.