It doesn’t even make sense…

I’ve been making homemade mayo for what, four whole weeks here?  That basically qualifies me as an expert, right?

Had you asked me before today I would have told you it’s so easy, fool-proof even.  I opened a fresh new bottle of light tasting olive oil, cracked in the egg and mustard powder, and slowly added the rest of the olive oil.  And then?

Liquid.  No emulsifying.  No thickening.  Just liquid.

I figured I could fix it.  I’m smart, I’m good in the kitchen.  And I have literally all of the knowledge in the world in the palm of my hand!  

I found a bunch of tips.  Add more egg.  Add boiling water.  Make another batch and mix this in instead of oil.

Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.  Well, something.  But just liquid.

Apparently sometimes it just happens*.  Or that’s what I (along with hundreds of others who sought out advice online after messing up a batch) hear.  It just happens sometimes.  You didn’t do anything wrong, ok?  It just happens.  Let it go.  It’s just mayo, you’ll be fine!  (I’m only slightly exaggerating, I seriously hate when things go wrong in the kitchen.  I may take it a smidge too personal!)

On the bright side, dinner was amazing.   We had Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef, cinnamon sweet potatoes and swiss chard.  It got a big thumbs up from all of us, kids included.  It was super flavorful and super easy, too!




*Personally, I’m blaming the cheap olive oil for the mayo fail!

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