What did I do?

In yet another “Do all the things you really want to do, no matter how scary and/or absurd they seem to other people” move that I am getting really, really good at these last few months, I finally committed to a  program I have been wanting to try for a long time.

Like, a super incredible long time.  I first stumbled on the folks over at GMB Fitness when I was looking for hip stretches on youtube.   I’ve had hip issues since I had my first child six years ago.  I have an amazing chiropractor who helps immensely, but there’s still a lot of weakness and I’m always really tight through my hips and groin.

I was impressed by their programming, but even moreso by how fun it looked.  You know I’m a huge fan of play, I don’t shy away from my weirdness!  I firmly believe that adults should have fun alongside the kids at the playground, and we all know there’s never been a mud puddle I could resist.

So as I clicked through the videos, I was like, “YES! I NEED TO DO THIS!”

But I’m a mom, and at the time I couldn’t justify spending the time or money on something that was so selfish.  HA!  By couldn’t, of course, I mean wouldn’t.   I struggled with investing in myself, in acting on what I desired, in spending money on something that wasn’t for the house or the kids.

And then I made the biggest, bravest, scariest decision of my life.

And now all of these other things, all these 37 Before 37 goals, they seem easy.  They seem fun, and important, and absolutely worth investing in because I AM worth investing in because I’m fun and important.  Ya know?

So what is the GMB Fitness Elements Program?  I don’t really follow because you’ve been rambling, Michelle.

Right?  I do that, don’t I?

Elements is an 8-week online training program that uses locomotive exercises and targeted mobility work to build your strength, flexibility, and motor control.

The program focuses on 3 movements, The Bear, The Monkey, and The Frogger.  (Click the links to view videos of the movements)

They look fun, right?

Fun and intimidating.  I’m like an eighty-seven year old with hip issues and like no mobility, remember?

The program includes a 45 day money back guarantee, and multiple times says that it’s open to ALL fitness levels.

So am I scared? A bit.  But I’m crazy pumped to start tomorrow and take the assessment!

Will you all do me a huge favor and randomly scold me into actually committing to the program?  Some Suggestions:

Growl at me, throw bananas at me (I almost said feces because monkey, but eww, no!) make croaking Bud-Wise-Er sounds in my general direction, or just flat out tell me to not be a lazy ass.

I’m so grateful for all of your love and support through all of my crazy ideas!  I can’t wait to share the results of this program with you all.  Love love, kiss kiss!

#Goal Skin That Looks As Good As A Snapchat Filter

Skin that looks as good as a Snapchat Filter.

Yeah, you read that right.   I said that out loud, and now I can’t take it back.  (I mean, I guess I could just not do it, but where’s the fun in that?)

You know exactly what I mean, and judging by the number of my fellow thirty-something closer to forty-something year old friends who post photos on Facebook and Instagram of them with Snapchat Filters, we’re in good company.

No matter how much of a mess I look, I know I can login to Snapchat and take a photo where I’m kinda ridiculously hot.  I have about a .0000784% chance of ever learning to kill the makeup application that accompanies so many of the filters, but is it really about the makeup?

Nah.  It’s all about the flawless skin!  No one looks bad with a Snapchat filter.  #Science 

As part of this whole 37 Before 37  goal list I’m undertaking, I decided I should really learn how to take care of my skin and this face I have while it’s still aiiiight looking.  I have forehead wrinkles now, I have crows feet and smile lines and eye bags and fat pads under my eyes.  If I walked into a surgeons office, he’d have a field day with my face.

But really, that’s bananas.  I have all of those things because I walk around smiling on a near constant basis.  I’ve earned those things, man.  And I’m not about to let some fictional surgeon I just made up take those away from me.

On the other hand, because well obviously, I’m also just a tiny little bit vain, and like, aren’t we all?

So when a bunch of my female friends of a similar age started going nuts over these  K-Beauty Routines, I was all in.  I had a gift card from Sephora for over a month that I somehow managed not to spend, and the lovely Skin Care Consultant managed to compliment me and say my skin wasn’t “That Bad” and I “have a great face to work with”   (Pretty sure she was a VH1 level pick up artist and she totally negged me, but whatever, it worked! Haha!)

I’m about a week or so in, and I’m loving the results.  My skin feels so soft, and is crazy hydrated and dewy looking.


I mean, hello?  

I’m not going to cross this one off the list just yet, but dang, it’s doing wonders for my skin and my confidence.

I’d love to hear more about your skin care routine, and any products you absolutely recommend!