Whole 30 Day Something Or Other

You may have already guessed it, but I have fallen off the Whole 30 wagon and landed square on my bum.   But, I’m resilient and some may even say stubborn!

Our oldest just turned four!  FOUR!  I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but the tall human who replaced my baby girl assures me it is.  She’s silly, and funny and a ton of fun and everything I could ever want in a daughter.  We moved to NYC on New Year’s Eve, and she was born just a few weeks later.  She loves the city, so for her birthday we took her and little brother to celebrate.  And celebrate we did!

We went to Max Brenner for lunch and had chocolate pizza.  It was worth it.

Then a few days later we had drinks.

So today I figured I already lost this Whole 30 game and I’d hop on the scale.  I was surprised and thrilled to see that I have lost 12 pounds in just 24 days, despite my cheating.  Then I realized that I was wearing the same outfit as my day one photo, so I asked my husband to take some photos.   To say that I am motivated now would be an understatement!


Note to self:  You’re not Arnold, put your arms down in the next photo set


 Clear skin thanks to Whole 30, New tooth thanks to Dr. Cathy

So I’m determined, I have fire in my belly and I’m ready to do this.  Tomorrow is technically Day One…again.  Except I shall refer to it as Day 25 of my Whole 55, because my mental state can not take calling it day one.  Is that cool with y’all?  (Because I’m doing it anyway.  Stubborn, remember?)

I’m heading back to the gym tomorrow.  I love working out.  I love lifting.

I also loved my personal trainer, but adulting got in the way of that.  I lost my mojo and felt discouraged.  I didn’t even want to be there any more.

Last night I was so inspired by This Post by the amazing ladies at Girls Gone Strong that I had already decided to go back and work hard tomorrow.

I figured I already own Jen Sinkler’s Lift Weights Faster 2 so I might as well use it, right?  I’m going to figure out my schedule and the plan of attack now.

(Maybe not like now now.  Maybe after a spoonful of some vanilla almond butter that I’ve been avoiding since it has palm sugar and isn’t compliant.  After all, day one doesn’t start until tomorrow, right?!)

Whole 30 Day 8

Another day, another dollar.  Or something.  I really have no intro planned, and I’m way too tired to brain right now.

I went to the dentist today to be fitted for my replacement tooth and get a filling.  I was pretty bummed out that I got the room with the tropical light cover, and then I realized that I seriously sit with my eyes squeezed closed and my hands digging into my thighs any time the dentist comes near me, so it doesn’t matter what silly light cover the room I was in had, because like, they all have loud tools and pokey things and I am not going to be convinced that I’m in some lush tropical paradise, or on top of a mountain liked I’d prefer.


Seriously though, I do think it’s kind of rad

We had fun matching up my tooth color with a billion samples.  It was only slightly awkward when I said, “Let me take a selfie!”  Ok, it was super awkward.


 Up close and personal y’all!

I’ve learned during this experiment that I am really good at remembering to take photos of breakfast, awful at taking photos of lunch, and somewhat satisfactory at taking photos of dinner.  If dinner photos were a pass/fail class, I’d pass for sure.  It makes sense since I love eggs, and they are my favorite food ever.


It always looks pretty, too.

I skipped lunch since I was all novacained up, and along with my bull-dog, lip hanging look I wasn’t hungry.


You know exactly what I mean

Dinner.  Here’s a funny story!  Bree has dance on Tuesday, and I texted my husband to ask him if he could dump the sauce in the slow cooker when he got home.  He did…except he thought I meant the BBQ sauce.  I didn’t…I meant the tomato sauce.  It was surprisingly delicious!  I’m fairly certain we will never make sausage, peppers and onions again without delicious BBQ sauce.


I’ll spare you the after photos, because they just aren’t as pretty when they are cooked and covered in BBQ sauce.

Whole 30 Day 5, 6, 7

As I type this, it’s technically day 8 of our first Whole 30.  I had to look at the calendar like four times to figure it out, I wonder if brain fog is a normal symptom at this point.  I should head on over to the timeline and check it out, but I’m already working on borrowed time right now.

I head to the dentist in a bit for my denture fitting for my baby tooth issue.  I’m super stoked to finally have that gap fixed, but not super stoked for the accompanying bill.

We’re still trucking around on this whole 30 journey, and it seems to be getting easier in most ways.

Let’s do a quick round-up of the last few days that I’ve been too busy enjoying to sit down and blog.

Saturday Whole 30 Day 5

My husband was off, so we got to have a big breakfast all together.  I’ve been making him sausage egg cups to take to work, so it was the first day he got to join in on my new found love of fried eggs.  We’d been a strictly scrambled family until about a week ago.


I spent the morning meal planning and list making for the week.  This whiteboard is one of my secrets to success, it’s next to a calendar so I can plan what we’ll eat based on the day’s schedule.  I can’t plan too in depth with two kids, because I really never know what the day will bring.


We got dressed and headed out to The Union Transportation Trail.  It was an old railway that the town converted to open trails for biking and walking and horse riding.







Kids love sticks-Fact!

Bree and I then headed out to do our grocery shopping.  Do you shop at Aldi?  If you haven’t been there in a while, check them out.   They have organic, pasture raised eggs, grass-fed beef, and a ton of organic fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the price.  We still needed to head to Shop Rite to get some things, like seaweed and larabars and snacks for the kids, but Aldi usually has a bulk of what we need.

Sunday Whole 30 Day 6

Talk about energy!  After breakfast I went through all the kids old clothes, and donated three bags of stuff.  I cleaned and organized the pantry, the hallway, the toy room.  I packed up all the Christmas stuff.  I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

I basically forgot about eating all day, and didn’t have anything made for dinner so we had deli meat roll ups in romaine lettuce. I think I may have had a few hard-boiled eggs and cucumber for lunch, maybe.  I passed out on the couch at like seven-thirty.



Monday Whole 30 Day 7

Yesterday was a crazy day.  The kids were cranky, so cranky.  I’m guessing it’s cabin fever, because they were bananas.  They’re normally so good, that I can’t really complain.  And they are just crazy cute!

I was feeling a bit moody, but I don’t know if it was all the whines and cries or if it was more food related.  I was also dying for something sweet, and I’m glad I picked up a larabar.

I had to make a bunch of stuff for the week that we had run out of, like mayo, bbq sauce, salad dressing and the sauce for our dinner last night.  We had fish tacos, and my husband loved them.  It’s always awesome when something gets his full stamp of approval!





Whole 30 Day Four

Today was a day, that’s for sure.  Nathan woke up wearing his crankypants, I’m assuming he’s still not over whatever-random-sickness hit us this week.  At one point he was so upset he actually asked me to get the carrier from the car.

“Hold me!”

“No!  Back dere!”

Once I finally got what he was saying, and put him up he finally calmed down for a bit and was super happy.  For like a whole twelve minutes or so.


With his gross blanket that he carries everywhere, always.

The bright spot of today was Aubrey deciding to “fix” the humidifier.  The other night I stupidly tried to put the top back on without being able to see the base, causing all of the water to come pouring down all over the floor.  She happily showed Nathan what needed to be done in order to fix it.


She’s a future leader, for sure!

I got a call from my dentist that the insurance company approved my fake tooth, and I’m going in next week to be molded.  I’m pretty excited about that, I may have been all “Hey kids!  Fist Bump!” when I hung up the phone.

I’ve been making good on a whole bunch of my “35 Before 35” goals.  I’m pretty much feeling like I’m kicking arse at life right now.


Breakfast, and then again for lunch.

I make the kids scrambled eggs every day for breakfast, and that’s normally what I eat too.  It’s just since starting Whole 30 that I remembered how good crispy fried eggs are after browsing around for recipes.  Today, they refused to eat them and wanted “Yellow Eggs!”  They each ate two fried eggs, then finished their scrambled eggs.  I’m not even sure what the point of the story is, other than to say that I had to cook breakfast twice today so I counted once as lunch.


Dinner- Pork loin with unsweetened apple sauce, sauerkraut and salad because the lack of color on the plate made me feel sad

I didn’t feel the anger I was expecting to feel after reading the Whole 30 Timeline, but maybe I’m just saving the rage for tomorrow.  Onto the next one!

Whole 30 Day 3

Whole 30 Fun Fact:  Blog post titles are so much easier when you don’t have to think about it and can just name it after the day.

Today was Day 3 of Whole 30.  I woke up feeling so much better, like yesterday had never happened.  My sweet little girl was so proud that she made me feel better.  She spent all of yesterday making sure I had drinks and pillows and that no so much as a pinkie nail came uncovered from the blankets.  She was seriously awesome, and it was so sweet.  They both made sure I had extra cuddles and hugs, they were so good it never even occurred to me to ask if someone could watch them while I rested.

Thanks to like 18 hours of sleep and my fantastic nurses I woke up feeling way better.  I cleaned, did some laundry and before I knew it lunchtime had come and gone, and we still had to make a trip to the store before dinner.   I literally just threw some stuff on a plate and called it lunch!

Dinner was my favorite meal, BBQ Bacon Salads.  Lettuce, tomato, olives, pickles, ground beef, bacon, avocado and homemade BBQ sauce.  This is a go-to meal around here because it’s delicious and super quick and easy!

After looking at the Whole 30 timeline I’m not sure that I should be excited for tomorrow.  Maybe I should preemptively apologize to everyone now?


Day 3 Breakfast


Day 3 Lunch


Day 3 Dinner- BBQ Bacon Salad, way better than it looks

Whole 30 Days 1 and 2

Yesterday was Day 1 of the Whole 30, and we overslept.  We don’t oversleep, we are “up and at ’em as soon as we’ve hit snooze two or six times” type people but we aren’t  late by any stretch of the imagination.

Today marks Day 2 of the Whole 30.  I woke up sick, and I never get sick.  At first I was all “Whoa!  The Carb Flu is a real thing?”  It wasn’t until my almost four year old said “Mommy, you’re really warm!” as I was freezing and shivering that I realized maybe, just maybe I was actually sick.   Sure enough, I had a fever.  I’m pretty sure that one wouldn’t have a fever with the “carb flu” because it’s not really the flu and also because Dr. Google tells me that one wouldn’t have a fever at all and that was a really silly thing to think in the first place, whackadoodle.


I’m fairly certain that it can only get easier from here, but I’m not one to challenge the universe.   

Luckily, I planned ahead so we were able to eat healthy and delicious food both days.  Heck, I even made mayo.  MAYO!   And it’s actually super easy and really delicious.


I can’t really say how I feel since I’m sick, but I’m going to assume if I wasn’t I’d feel good.  Excited.  Happy.

Want to know a secret?  The absolute hardest thing, the one food that I just want to eat so badly?  Cheese sticks.

Is that not the craziest most whacked out thing to be obsessing over?  They became a thing for me when I was pregnant with my youngest, because they were quick and easy and filling.  They’re totally my crutch food, and at least five times over the last two days I wanted to eat one or four.

I haven’t been to the gym in like two weeks, I totally miss it but I’m going to give my body a few days to recover.  Coughing and wheezing and dead lifts don’t sound like a fun combination anyway.


Day One Breakfast-This is my jam


Day One Lunch- Salad with Garlic Roast

I forgot a photo of dinner, but we had Garlic Roast, Mushrooms and Sweet Potatoes


Day Two Breakfast for Hubby-Sausage Egg Cups


Day Two Breakfast for Me…


 …And the kids!


Day Two Lunch-Deli Meat Wraps in Boston Lettuce



Day Two Dinner-Sausage, Onions and Peppers in Basil Tomato Sauce