Smile, baby!

Gather ’round, and I’ll tell you the tale of a thirty year old woman with a baby tooth.   When I was a wee lass of just 29 years old, an amazing dentist noticed that the baby tooth that featured front and center in my smile had an adult tooth above it that was trying to come in, or so he thought.

All we had to do was remove it, and viola!  Perfect smile!

At 30 I had x-rays to make sure the adult tooth was real, since it hadn’t been noticed at any other dental appointment ever.  At 31 I had the baby tooth removed.  At 32 there was no movement, but I had a new dentist so we waited to be sure.  At 33 I was sent to the oral surgeon and orthodontist, and told we could do braces along with a chain to attempt to pull down the adult tooth and that maybe it would work.

At over 6k estimated cost, and a less than 40% success rate I decided against it.  (Had grillz and gangsta rap been a big thing on the 30-something mama scene I may have considered it, y’all!)

So I’ve spent the last however many years walking around with a big ol’ hole in my smile.  I’ll be real, it’s embarrassing.  I smile, a lot.  I laugh, a lot.  And there’s just this gigantic black hole that takes away from that.

Fast forward to this week, and my dentist agrees that there is no movement.  The tooth isn’t going anywhere, but she can’t guarantee it, blah blah blah.  Point of the story?

I’m finally getting a fake tooth.  A denture.  I am so stinking excited.  I won’t have to turn my head in photos so the hole doesn’t show.

It’s going to be a major improvement to my self-confidence.  I am so excited!   We’re waiting on insurance approval, so it won’t be for another month or so but it’s finally happening.

Be on the lookout for a million more photos, coming soon!