Happy birthday to me!

I turned 34 yesterday.  I’ve had a few moments where I really, really have to think about how old I am.  Over the last year I’ve told people my age ranges from 32 to 36, and I wasn’t lying on purpose a single time.  That’s ridiculous, right?

But I for sure turned 34 yesterday (I did the math and all!) and I’ve decided to hop on board the blogosphere train and share my list of 35 Things To Do Before I Turn 35.  In true Michelle fashion I thought about doing this, rushed in with great intentions, and petered out in the end, so there may be some changes once I take some time to really, really think about what I want to accomplish.

  1. Blog at least twice a week.   This is pretty difficult for me, as you might notice based on my frequency (or lack thereof) of previous posts.
  2. Drink tea daily. Why do I not do this? Why do I act like this is such a hard thing to do?    Update 1/28/16:  It’s been over a month, and I now own like eight types of tea so I’m pretty sure this is now a thing for me!
  3. Go to a comedy show with the funniest man I know (my husband!)
  4. Leave the kids overnight. Yes, both.  All night.  Update 1/28/16:  They have had a sleepover at Memom and Grandbob’s house twice.  Done!
  5. Go to a movie. ALONE.   I have never, ever done that!
  6. Take a class.  (Step one:  Figure out what kind of class)
  7. Visit that old bookstore up the road.  ALONE.  (I’m sensing a theme here!)
  8. Update my resume  Update 1/28/16:  Done!  Now I have to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
  9. Watch all the Star Wars movies. And Harry Potter movies.
  10. Learn to do a pull up/chin up/muscle up (Step one: Learn the difference)
  11. Run a real 5k in under 40 minutes. (Find a race, pick a date and do it)
  12. Get my body fat in the healthy range  Update 1/28/16:  According to this chart from bodybuilding.com my 29% body fat percentage now lands me in the acceptable range!  I started back in 2014 at 49%, muscles are awesome!
  13. Get (or seriously consider) a tattoo.  I’m a total badass in my head.
  14. Get a funky hair cut or color…because it might not be so cute on me after 35.
  15. Get a Sephora makeover. (Alone!)
  16. Buy those products that are recommended, and learn to use said products.
  17. Fix my g-d baby tooth hole! This is a fun story, I’ll have to tell it to you one day.  1/28/16 Update:  Done!  It’s amazing the confidence boost.  Worth every penny!
  18. Hike to a waterfall. (Step one: Find a waterfall in NJ that’s worth the hike)
  19. Go to the gym 3-4 times a week. (I do this 99% of the time now, but need to stay accountable!)
  20. Meditate daily for ten minutes   Update 1/28/16:  I’ve been falling asleep to a meditation podcast, so I think that counts.  I forget some times though, and I’d really rather do it in the morning, so this is a work in progress.
  21. Master 10 pushups with perfect form
  22. Complete a month long photo challenge
  23. Find someplace to volunteer 
  24. Finish 12 books. (This may not seem ambitious, BUT two toddlers.  You know!)
  25. Take in a sunset on a beach with the kids. Or maybe a sunrise would work better for the non-sleeping cuties.
  26. Make friends with a complete stranger
  27. Take the kids for a walk daily (weather permitting) to enjoy the sunshine
  28. Try a float tank. 
  29. Get a massage! YES!  GET A MASSAGE.  (This should be number one on the list, actually!)
  30. Learn to make sushi. Maybe, just like california roll.  Maybe I should skip the fish.
  31. Find and join a club, team, something. With real life grown ups, even.
  32. Figure out a personal mantra. And maybe a family motto, while I’m at it.
  33. Clean out and organize the garage/junk room. Maybe hop on the whole KonMari bandwagon.  Update 1/28/16:  Done!  Thanks to Christmas we had to move the toy room into the larger space.  The kids love it.  I’ll add a photo soonish!
  34. Finally hang photos and decorate the house. We’ve lived here two years!  Update 1/28/16:  Mostly done, except the living room.  
  35. Update this list regularly.  Print it, save it, live it.

Let’s do this, 34.  You and I are going to make this year our itchbay, for real!

What things would be on your list?  Please do the work for me share so maybe I can steal an awesome idea or two!