Day 2 of 26

“Ohh! There’s a car behind us at Dunkin Donuts! Let’s pay for their stuff!”

A whopping $3.84. The cashier was pretty amazed.

“Do you know them?”


“So cool!” I overheard her say “That lady just paid for their coffee….” to her coworkers.

She opened the window and asked if we wanted any donuts or a muffin or anything, which was really sweet of her!

Random Act Number 2 in the books. So simple.

Day 1 of 26 Random Acts of Kindness

I’ve posted before about how important it is for me to teach Aubrey to be generous and perform random acts of kindness.

26 Days is in honor of the fallen angels at Sandy Hook Elementary. It resonates with me on such a deep, emotional level.

Day One

Bree and I took a tag from the angel tree. A two year old girl who needed shoes or boots. We bought both.

Hormones are a real itchbay

I left Aubrey alone today. Well, not really alone. She was with my husband, her dada.

I had to run to Toys R Us to finish up her Christmas shopping. I was gone for like 2 hours.

I was alone for 2 hours. For the first time since she was three weeks old. She’ll be one in less than a month.

I called and hubby said they were fine.

When I got in the door and peeked around the corner she smiled this huge smile, flapped her arms and shrieked “Mamama!” Then “Yeah yeah!”

A-freaking-dorable! Melted my heart!

I’m seriously considering leaving her again, just because that reaction was so awesome.