Robbing the competition…

Adult Costume Contest at my parents campground. We’re cute, right?

I tried to bribe the judges, both with a cute baby and money, but apparently having parents as owners disqualifies one. Whatever.

(Totally kidding, the actual winners were quite deserving!)

If I die…

I love you all.

I ate Burger King for dinner last night.

My stomach is literally gurgling, loudly.

I feel like I’m going to throw up.

And out.

Both ends. Same time.

I feel like I may die.

I probably deserve it, too.

Week 4 Day 3

Shhh. I cheated, don’t tell.

After talking to an awesome running friend (also known as The Internet), I decided I could skip a week of C25k.
I know, I know…follow the program.
But, I also know myself and I knew I needed an actual challenge.

So I skipped forward a week. And it was a challenge!

I’m visiting my family in NJ this week, so I don’t have my normal jogging stroller. I have an all terrain jogger here, or “hulking heaving huge heap of oh my gosh so heavy,” as I called it yesterday. I took Bree down dirt roads, but she screamed and seemed uncomfortable, so I took her back to my sister so she could keep an eye on her for the rest of my run.

I absolutely got that challenge I was looking for. And then some!

And apparently, I’m halfway to 5k. Still looking for a race, though.

Copy, paste, repeat.

Turns out that the “perfect” 5k actually isn’t. It would be, but Husband has to be available since one of his assistants will be away. Boo.

Finding a stroller friendly race takes a lot of work. It involves going to the event website and checking the registration form to see if it says “No strollers” or “Strollers Allowed.” It may, or it may not.

I’m in the process of sending the following to every race coordinator for the weeks that will work.

Can you please confirm if the whole course is paved? Also, will you allow strollers in the back start?

Thanks in advance!

Copy, paste, repeat.

Who knew it would be so hard?

I’m not trying to brag…

But I totally will.

Today’s run was awesome! We ended up running to a park on the waterfront about 2 miles away. We played in the grass, shared a banana, practiced standing alone and got bit up by biting flies.

We’re actually headed back there tomorrow for the green market and a baby wearing meetup.

Now onto the exciting part! On the way back Aubrey started getting fussy in the stroller and I didn’t have a carrier on me. I was feeling great so I decided to run some more.

I ended up running the rest of the way home. I ran a mile, nonstop. (Except stop lights, but I did that stupid run in place thing you see runners do and roll your eyes at, so I’m counting it.)

Remember my 3 month goal? Well, I did it like 6 weeks early. If you’d like to shower me with accolades now would be an appropriate time! I’m super proud of myself!

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow…

I’m moving on to week 3 of the c25k program.

Super duper excited!

I think I found the 5k I want to do, it’s pretty perfect and allows strollers which is awesome. It’s near our families in NJ, so we can make it a whole weekend trip. I think it’ll be really fun! Plus it’s ten days before my 31st birthday, so that’s pretty cool.

Just waiting on my amazing husband to see if he can get some time off. The man works nonstop. It’s sweet that he’s willing to work so hard so that I can stay home with Bree. I think it takes a special man to do that, especially when it wasn’t his idea, and I’m so lucky to have him.

Runners High

Guess who just ran?!


And Aubrey too, I guess.

That felt so good. My ankle is alright, no real pain but I’m going to RICE it just in case. Man. I can’t stop saying that and smiling.

I am so happy to be back! I totally understand “runners high” now!!