Cross that one off!

If you’re playing along at home, I just knocked one thing off my list of 37 before 37!

To be fair, I said I’d learn to juggle…not that I’d learn to juggle well.

I am going to keep practicing because well, it’s fun as heck,  and I don’t want to half arse it, ya know?

Also, it’s a really great way to kill time waiting for Bree to get off the bus from school.

Yes, I live on a main road and no, I do not care that I’m the neighborhood weirdo.

Living the dream, y’all.

What should I tackle next?

I’m kinda the worst, right?

So much has changed since my last update.  I’m still crushing it with keto, and it’s so easy that it almost feels unfair.  The scale seems to be holding steady at about 180, but I’m still losing inches and feeling awesome.

I’ll be real honest for a minute, and say that my focus right now is really on improving my mental health.  I’ve got the fitness, food and sleep parts down, and right now I’m all about my mindset.  My brain and I, we aren’t the best of friends at the moment.  I’m overthinking everything, questioning myself, driving myself insane.

My life has been messy and complicated, but that’s life right?  Sometimes you just have to trust in the plan and step bravely into the unknown.

Things have been weird, different, and wildly wonderful.  It’s a strange mix of emotions at all times, but I feel like the Hot Mess Express will be pulling through the tunnel at any moment.  I’m not sure what the destination is, but I’ve decided to trust in things larger than me and see where I end up.

Do I sound like some weird new age version of a random positive meme generator, or what?

The kids are amazing, of course.  I have no idea how I got so lucky, but I swear my two favorite people on the planet just so happen to be MY kids.  Funny how that works out, right?  I wouldn’t trade those two silly, messy, thoughtful beings for anything in the world.

I just celebrated my 36 birthday,  and I’ve decided to take on a new list of 37 challenges I’d like to master before turning 37 next November.  Even though last year’s list had a bunch of things left to finish, I’ve decided to scratch that and start anew.

Here’s to new beginnings, and to maybe finally figuring out this whole life thing??

Nah, probably not.  But mazel tov to new beginnings at least!


Literally every post ever.

Seriously, every post. Every single one, right?

This time though I’m here with a happy update. Back in February I talked about starting keto. And then again in March, and April, and May, and June and you already get where this is going because you know the months of the year.

In August, me and my hustle got taken down by the flu, which then turned into pneumonia. It was miserable and I slept for basically a week straight. I lost like 10 pounds. My body was mad at me, and was like, “Rest already!”

I finally started when I got back on my feet on August 31st. Except, I’m a sugar addict and surrounded by chocolate and ice cream all day at work. I cheated. That’s how I roll.

Or rolled I should say. After a week, I felt bad and dove in for real.

You know those $1.99 weekly magazines where some woman is interviewed for losing 200 pounds, and she says some variation of “I don’t know what was different this time. Something just clicked and I finally stuck with it. If I can do it anyone can!”

I get it now. I always thought it was some BS fluff, but now I totally understand.

It’s been easy. I’m no longer a sugar addict. My glucose numbers are normal. I’m turning down chocolate lava cake, ice cream, peppermint patties easily. Like, I don’t even care or feel like I’m missing out.

We even attended an event with a cheesecake bar, and I was totally cool just drinking my coffee with butter.

Who the heck am I even?

Right now I’m down to 195 pounds. 10 more and I’ll weigh what I did in middle school. Middle school. That’s bananas.

And totally awesome. I can’t believe how easy this way of eating is. I never feel deprived or hungry, and weight is literally falling off.

Have you tried Keto? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear more!

I promise some day I’ll figure out how to line these photos up right.  Maybe, hopefully.  

Maybe I’ll even get a photographer who isn’t 4 or 5 years old.  😂😂😂

Shhh…Just Listen.

I’ve spent my whole life blissfully unaware of how certain foods effect me.  I was so out of tune that I could ignore things, and just consider them normal.

I have a confession:  I’ve taken a head first dive off the wagon straight into a chocolate swimming hole, surrounded by fried foods and take out.

See, I have a really fun, amazing job that takes over my life from March until October every year.  I’m lucky that the kids come with me, and someone actually pays me to plan fun theme weekends and make sure that our guests are having fun.  The days are long, and it’s an adjustment from the winters when I have all the time in the world to cook and food prep.  I’m tired and cranky and I just don’t wanna!

I still make 90% of our meals, and I make sure that everyone is getting in healthy nutrient dense foods mostly.  But we are literally surrounded throughout the day by a food truck, candy, cupcakes, ice cream…all of those things that I’ve found myself sneaking the last three weeks.

I think, “No biggie!  I’ll just do better tomorrow.”  And tomorrow the cycle continues.  And then I feel guilty because I know it’s just me making bad choices even though I know better.  It’s a mess, and I’m a mess.

And you know what’s happened?  My body is revolting.  When you eat poorly all the time it’s so easy to miss the warning signs, because you just feel bad all the time and don’t even know it.

 I promise you it’s true.

In the last three weeks alone, I’ve experienced:

Acne on the back of my neck

Eczema (This is totally new for me)

Joint pain (Mostly in my hips, making it hard to walk)

Increased irritability (Sorry y’all!)

Trouble Sleeping

High Blood Sugar


And of course!  I’m stressed, feeling overwhelmed at my suddenly tight schedule.  I’m feeling guilty because I’m not being the best version of myself in my family relationships because I’m stressed.  I’m turning to comfort foods and take out to “reward” everyone because I feel guilty about not being the best version of myself right now.  Do you see the pattern, too?

Stress and guilt, refined carbs and sugar, not sleeping well?  Of course my body is screaming for more attention and to be carefully cared for and fed!


More Vegetables, Please!

I can’t ignore the signs now that I’m healthy enough to recognize them.  I’ve tried, but it’s not pretty.

It’s time to buckle down.  Dial it in.  Take the bull by the horns.  Do the hard yards.  Be about it.

And other random sayings that basically mean “Stop being stupid, and just do it already.”