Sleep Smarter Book Review

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of “Sleep Smarter” written by one of my absolute favorite people in the world of health and fitness, Shawn Stevenson.  You may know Shawn as the creator of the number one rated Fitness and Nutrition show on iTunes, The Model Health Show.  Along with his co-host Jade, Shawn shares an insane amount of knowledge in all things health and wellness each week, topped off with an enthusiasm that is sure to motivate and inspire.

I’d go as far to say that he is the single most motivating person I’ve ever listened to, and y’all know I love podcasts!

So when the opportunity to review the book came along, I jumped at the chance.  I may even have broken out some old school cabbage patch/running man hybrid dance when I read the email.  Ok, I totally did.  For like a solid minute, at least.  Have I mentioned that I’m a huge fan?


Time to dig in!  Breakfast Salad and Sleep Smarter. 


Sleep has been a major struggle for me for the last four years.  Neither of our children are what you’d call “good sleepers” or even decent sleepers.  I’ve spent the last four years walking in a fog, supplementing my lack of sleep with caffeine (and chocolate, no doubt) and wanting nothing more than to wake up feeling refreshed.

I’m not even slightly exaggerating that I lost my keys at least four times a week.  Do you know how stupid that will make you feel?  Once, twice, or six hundred times it’s funny.  Nine hundred and fifty-two?  That stops being a cute quirk and becomes a real problem.  I’m surprised no one forced me into an MRI machine for a brain scan.

But how could this book help with that?  How could this book possibly help a sleep deprived mother?  It’s not like you can change the way your kids are sleeping so you can sleep better in turn, right?

Wrong.  The tips and tricks in the book aren’t just for adults they can be applied to help everyone in the family sleep smarter, and wake up more rested.  (I mean some are, but I’m fairly sure most of our kids aren’t hitting the booze bottle before bed!)


Look at these well rested, happy faces!

Today is the last day to pre-order the book and receive some amazing bonuses:

  • $25 Thrive Market Gift Card + 1-Month Free Membership
  • Free one year (10 issue) subscription to Men’s Health or Women’s Health Magazine
  • Free Sleep Smarter Video Series ($49 value)

Check out the full list of bonuses for purchasing more than one copy, and give a copy to a friend or family member who needs better sleep.  That’s all of us, right?

Bottom Line:

The book is well-written and comes across more like a conversation with a friend than a “How To” book.   If you know Shawn, you’ll hear his voice in your head as you’re reading along…and if you don’t know Shawn you’ll still enjoy the jokes and stories.  The information is concise, practical and applicable.  The 14 Day Plan included is a game changer, and will help you to improve your sleep and in turn improve your life.

Buy it.  Buy it now!



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Clever Title Not Found.

I’m so tired, I can’t even brain right now, so excuse the lack of a title, please.


I’m pretty sure that’s not even a joke, just an observation.

Our super adorable kids are not the best sleepers, or even what one might consider decent sleepers.  There was a long time when I was positive that I’d log onto Facebook one day and see that all of my friends had deleted me, because it was basically ALL I talked about.  Sleep.  Lack of sleep.  Needing a nap.  Being tired.  Sleep.  And lack of sleep.

Then, a few months ago things started to change.  It happened so slowly I almost didn’t notice that I was getting more sleep.  I’d wake up feeling refreshed, the brain fog started lifting.  I stopped misplacing my keys every day.

It was glorious!

Was.  As in past tense.

I’m sure it’s just a sleep regression due to a developmental leap, but it’s still hard.  I promise not to complain too much.

Thanks to my new found friend, Coffee, I’ve been making it through the days just fine.


 Have I ever mentioned how much I love Aldi?  It needs it’s own post!

We tried a few new recipes this week, and there are a few I can’t wait to review.  Until then, here’s a sneak peek at some of the best foods we’ve eaten this week!

Vegetable and Meat Chili




Minestrone Soup

minestrone soup1 minestrone soup2

BBQ Bacon Burger Salads

bbq bacon burger salads1

 Roast Beef

salad roast beef

Zucchini and Almond Butter Brownies

zucchini brownies

And of course, my favorite food in the world #BreakfastSalad.  This is the only meal I remember to share on social media 9/10 times.

black coffee breakfast salad

breakfast salad

Oh, that’s right!

For a while there I totally forgot I had a six month old and shouldn’t be sleeping through the night, every night.

Thanks for the hourly reminders, Bree!

You’re lucky you’re cute or Mama would be super grumpy today!

Too soon?

How early can a child be taught to tell time?

Like 5 months old, right? Please say right.

Pretty please with cherries and sprinkles and hot fudge and hope on top.