Cross that one off!

If you’re playing along at home, I just knocked one thing off my list of 37 before 37!

To be fair, I said I’d learn to juggle…not that I’d learn to juggle well.

I am going to keep practicing because well, it’s fun as heck,  and I don’t want to half arse it, ya know?

Also, it’s a really great way to kill time waiting for Bree to get off the bus from school.

Yes, I live on a main road and no, I do not care that I’m the neighborhood weirdo.

Living the dream, y’all.

What should I tackle next?

Shhh…Just Listen.

I’ve spent my whole life blissfully unaware of how certain foods effect me.  I was so out of tune that I could ignore things, and just consider them normal.

I have a confession:  I’ve taken a head first dive off the wagon straight into a chocolate swimming hole, surrounded by fried foods and take out.

See, I have a really fun, amazing job that takes over my life from March until October every year.  I’m lucky that the kids come with me, and someone actually pays me to plan fun theme weekends and make sure that our guests are having fun.  The days are long, and it’s an adjustment from the winters when I have all the time in the world to cook and food prep.  I’m tired and cranky and I just don’t wanna!

I still make 90% of our meals, and I make sure that everyone is getting in healthy nutrient dense foods mostly.  But we are literally surrounded throughout the day by a food truck, candy, cupcakes, ice cream…all of those things that I’ve found myself sneaking the last three weeks.

I think, “No biggie!  I’ll just do better tomorrow.”  And tomorrow the cycle continues.  And then I feel guilty because I know it’s just me making bad choices even though I know better.  It’s a mess, and I’m a mess.

And you know what’s happened?  My body is revolting.  When you eat poorly all the time it’s so easy to miss the warning signs, because you just feel bad all the time and don’t even know it.

 I promise you it’s true.

In the last three weeks alone, I’ve experienced:

Acne on the back of my neck

Eczema (This is totally new for me)

Joint pain (Mostly in my hips, making it hard to walk)

Increased irritability (Sorry y’all!)

Trouble Sleeping

High Blood Sugar


And of course!  I’m stressed, feeling overwhelmed at my suddenly tight schedule.  I’m feeling guilty because I’m not being the best version of myself in my family relationships because I’m stressed.  I’m turning to comfort foods and take out to “reward” everyone because I feel guilty about not being the best version of myself right now.  Do you see the pattern, too?

Stress and guilt, refined carbs and sugar, not sleeping well?  Of course my body is screaming for more attention and to be carefully cared for and fed!


More Vegetables, Please!

I can’t ignore the signs now that I’m healthy enough to recognize them.  I’ve tried, but it’s not pretty.

It’s time to buckle down.  Dial it in.  Take the bull by the horns.  Do the hard yards.  Be about it.

And other random sayings that basically mean “Stop being stupid, and just do it already.”   

I did a scary thing…

I quit the gym today.  

Well, technically I’m doing it tomorrow, when customer service is open to fill out the paperwork.

And, technically I’m putting my membership on hold for three months, but still, it feels like quitting.

To say that I haven’t been feeling it lately would be an understatement.  I totally lost my mojo, and I haven’t been enjoying it.   I’ve barely been since before the holidays, when I was a solid 3-4 day devotee for the last year.

It’s a gorgeous facility, with an amazing staff, but I’m just kind of over it.

I’ve been working out at home lately, and I’m enjoying it.  Like, a lot.  There are a ton of resources thanks to pinterest and instagram and periscope.

One of my favorite people to follow right now for home workouts is Noelle at Coconuts and Kettlebells.  She’s a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, and hosts a podcast I always recommend to new paleo peeps, The Paleo Women.  If you sign up for her newsletter, she’ll even send you an e-book full of home workouts.

I’m nervous because what I love most is lifting heavy things, and that just isn’t possible for me at home.  At least not with my budget, I don’t think it is.   Maybe my Dad could get me a tire for hitting and flipping, but I’m not going to have a squat rack or sled or anything crazy (awesome) just yet.

I think ultimately I’d really love to get into strongman*, or power lifting or something.  But for now, I’m content with building strength and muscle and using the outdoors as my playground.  I’m itching for the warm weather (I’m actually typing this outside right now!) and looking forward to sweet sunshine on my face as I keep on keepin’ on with this whole journey into health.

I’m more excited and motivated thanks to this change than I have been in months, but I need your help!  What equipment would you consider a must-have?  What’s a waste of money?


*I can’t believe I said that out loud.  Kinda makes it real.  I feel like I should say “No take backs!”

Day 9

♫All by myself….I don’t wanna be…all by myself.♫

I’m not sure if it was an oversight or a really clever lesson in self motivation, but there wasn’t a fitness challenge posted today.

So what’s a girl to do? Exercise on her own, of course!

See, I’m not totally at all the type of person who sticks with a diet and exercise program. I hate to not do anything, when I’ve done the last 8. It would make it easy for me to just skip today, and then make an excuse for tomorrow and then totally forget about this whole crazy idea within four days.

But I can’t do that. Not this time. Have you seen Ms. Blue Eyes? Girl is crazy cute and needs her Mama.

Shall we make our own Day 9 challenge?

Already did, thanks for asking!

Husband took a half day today since he didn’t have a day off this week and we took a 2 mile walk. But that doesn’t count, because really, it doesn’t.

So I did three sets of the following:

Plank for 1 minute (owww)
Cobra for 1 minute
Bridge (20)
Opposite arm and leg reach for 1 minute
Press out (20)
Crunches (20)

I pulled out my handy dandy Biggest Loser book and looked up some of the exercises.

Reach over and pat me on the back, would ya? I deserve it.


Apparently I went to bed too early! Which, ironically, was the daily challenge. Get 6-8 hours of sleep a night for the next week. I can’t promise it’ll be uninterrupted, but I’ll be able to do that no prob!